Listen to what Magnolia Mayor Anthony Witherspoon had to say after his city passed a non-discrimination ordinance.

Now, we need your help in securing civil rights protections for everyone in Hattiesburg. Leadership at the state level has made clear that not everyone deserves equal rights. Hattiesburg can send another message and say all its residents will be treated with dignity and fairness. Help us enact a non-discrimination ordinance.

The ACLU of Mississippi and the Spectrum Center, as part of the We Are All Mississippi Coalition, have been pushing for an NDO in Hattiesburg for more than a year. An NDO works in two ways. It codifies the basic human right that everyone deserves to be treated equally by providing protections against discrimination. Additionally, it allows victims of discrimination to avoid costly federal court litigation.

True hospitality sees everyone as equal.

In Hattiesburg and other places without local NDOs, residents can be fired from their job, evicted from their homes, or denied service at a business because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. By signing this petition, you are telling city leaders in Hattiesburg that now is the time to adopt an ordinance that protects all Hattiesburg residents. A non-discrimination ordinance will benefit everyone in Hattiesburg.


Sign the petition now in support of an NDO in Hattiesburg!

Take the next step! Download the "Generic NDO Letter" below and send it to your mayor. It's time for an inclusive Mississippi!