Protecting the privacy of your health data is more urgent today than ever before.

Every day, millions of Americans rely on programs and apps to track their health data for various reasons – from monitoring heart rates to menstrual cycles, and even cataloging caloric intake and sleep habits. But did you know that many of these apps collect and share vast amounts of personal information without proper consent?

Enter HB 1268 – a bill designed to protect your privacy by giving you more control over your health data. 

HB 1268 aims to safeguard your private information by assuring that you have more control over your data before it is collected, stored, shared or sold to others.

This legislation demands transparency from entities collecting your data, requiring them to disclose exactly what information they're gathering and why.

We wholeheartedly support this bill and urge you to join us in the fight to protect our privacy. Your privacy is worth fighting for–reach out to your legislators and make your voice heard.

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Your privacy is worth fighting for. This bill is currently under consideration in House Judiciary Committee A. Take a to moment tell chairman Joey Hood support this bill and protect digital privacy!

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