As of July 2023, 41 states allow voters to register online, including our neighbors in Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Currently, first-time Mississippi voters are required to complete a paper registration form and either mail it in or take it to the circuit clerk's office directly.  This outdated sytem is burdensome to both voters and election officials.

HB 106 would establish a process for online voter registration for first-time voters. Online voter registration eaess the administrative burden on officials, prevent clerical errors, and saves taxpayer money. Online voter registratio may also encourage more people to register to vote, potentially leading to higher election turnouts.

We should be making it easier for people to participate in the democratic process. Online voter registration is a common-sense way of making our elections more accessible, fair, and representative for all.

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Every citizen deserves equal and uniform access to the ballot box. Online voter registration is a vital step towards a more inclusive democracy. HB 106 is currently under consideration in the House Apportionment and Elections Committee; take a moment to send a message urging the chairman to support this common-sense voting reform!

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