Criminal Justice Reform

The ACLU of Mississippi works to promote criminal justice reform aimed at reducing Mississippi’s prison population and protecting the inherent and constitutionally guaranteed rights of the accused, defendants, incarcerated persons, and formerly incarcerated persons.

We are working on:

Equality & Equity of Access

The ACLU of Mississippi is working to ensure equality to all Mississippians. All Mississippians deserve to be treated equitably regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, immigrant status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, familial status, or disability.

Freedom of Speech

Protecting free speech means protecting a free press, the democratic process, diversity of thought, and so much more. The ACLU has worked since 1920 to ensure that freedom of speech is protected for everyone.

Immigrant Rights'

Regardless of your immigration status, you have guaranteed rights under the Constitution. Learn more here about your rights as an immigrant, and how to express them if stopped by law enforcement.

LGBTQ Rights

The ACLU of Mississippi works to create a Mississippi free of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Racial Justice

The ACLU Racial Justice Program aims to preserve and extend constitutionally guaranteed rights to people who have historically been denied their rights on the basis of race.