Morgan Miller, ACLU of Mississippi, 769-447-6678;

JACKSON, Miss – The following is a statement from American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi Executive Director Jennifer Riley-Collins in response to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s guidance to Circuit Clerks about the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges:

“Everyone has a duty to follow the Constitution whether or not there is a specific injunction ordering them to do so on pain of contempt. Common sense should rule. A court order should not be needed to have the State of Mississippi follow the Constitution.

“The Supreme Court has spoken and everyone should be complying with the Constitution. The right question isn’t about timing around lifting the stay on the injunction. The question is whether states and their officers have to comply with the Constitution now. The answer is yes. States and government officials cannot drag their heels when it comes to their constitutional obligations.

“The ACLU of Mississippi remains prepared to ensure and defend the freedom of marriage to all. While we hope the Clerks will begin to issue the licenses soon, all necessary legal actions remain an option.”