JACKSON, Miss. - Late last night, the Mississippi Senate passed an anti-transgender bill, SB 2536. This bill would prevent transgender student-athletes from participating in sports as the gender in which they identify.

ACLU of Mississippi Executive Director Jarvis Dortch had the following to say in response: 

"SB 2536 aims to solve a problem that does not exist, while codifying discrimination against transgender athletes.

Transgender people of all ages have been participating in sports consistent with their gender at all levels for years, and no dominance by trans athletes has been observed or documented. 

Additionally, SB 2536 would put schools in the position of potentially outing a transgender child—to the coach, athletic association, teammates, and even their parents—which the school is not legally or ethically authorized to do under medical privacy laws, professionalism standards, and other regulations.

We urge the House of Representatives to stop this bill from moving forward in the Legislature. However, we are working with partners to address the next steps, should this bill become law."