In just over three weeks, People Power activists have set up nearly 200 meetings with police to fight for Freedom Cities.

By Faiz Shakir, National Political Director

Three weeks ago, people from across the country tuned in on a Saturday night as the ACLU kicked off a new grassroots mobilization program called People Power, which laid out a new strategy and vision for resisting the Trump administration's worst abuses of our freedoms. We wanted people to do more than donate and march - we wanted them to organize in their communities, meet with local law enforcement officials, and change local policies to establish Freedom Cities where immigrants and Muslims would be better protected from the Trump administration's attempts to trample on civil liberties.

The response that night was incredible. #PeoplePower was the number one trending topic on Twitter across the nation. The event attracted more than one million views online, and Americans attended more than 2,300 events to begin forming activist groups in their communities.

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