By Amber Malone, ACLU of MS Social Justice/Public Policy Intern

Being involved with an event that brought in funds to contribute to the efforts of the ACLU of Mississippi and raise public interests in promoting social justice was very enlightening. Working on Fight for Freedom exposed me to the carefully executed strategies and innovation it takes to garner support for a non-profit foundation. The delicious spread, intricate placement of banners and artwork, and music reminiscent of the oldies and New Orleans jazz all came together to create an enchanting ambiance.  While there is a deep satisfaction in seeing a project to which you have dedicated seemingly endless hours and energy come to fruition, this feeling was overcome by something more significant and meaningful.

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When I began interning with the ACLU of Mississippi, I held preconceived notions of the general audience that paid attention to and supported an organization dedicated to issues such as prison reform, voter rights, and equality for all. As a Mississippian invested in affecting change, I had often assumed that very little could be achieved in my home state due to lack of diverse support. Having the opportunity to help coordinate and attend this event set me up for a refreshing surprise.

As the evening went on and guests filled the reception, I noticed that not everyone was an attorney, social worker, or politician. I greeted and assisted individuals of different social and economic backgrounds. It was encouraging to meet corporate and private patrons who realized that the fight for freedom is every citizens’ calling. Overall, the Fight For Freedom fundraiser was a tremendous success.



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