This week, Governor Bryant signed the Gestational Age Act (HB 1510) into law. This law prevents women from seeking an abortion in the state after 15 weeks, even in cases of rape or incest. At signing, Governor Bryant stated that he wanted to make Mississippi the safest place for an unborn child. Yet, Mississippi has not expanded Medicaid, and has the highest infant mortality rate in the nation.

Tell Governor Bryant that HB 1510 undermines a woman's ability to make the best health decision for herself.

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves has issued a temporary restraining order against the bill, stopping it from going into effect right away. Since the Supreme Court rendered its verdict in Roe v. Wade over 45 years ago, no federal court has upheld a state ban of under 20 weeks. However, if this law were to be upheld by the courts, it would have severe repercussions for Mississippi women and be an enormous step towards dismantling reproductive rights nationwide. Mississippi women would have to travel excessive distances to access health services that are legal in the rest of the United States.

Women are capable of making their own healthcare decisions, and their right to do so should not be infringed.

Sign the petition. Tell Mississippi lawmakers that we shouldn't waste taxpayer dollars defending unconstitutional laws. We need solutions that improve health, not limits our options.

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