Governor Bryant wants a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that exempts transgender people from federal civil rights protections in hiring discrimination. This statement can be attributed to ACLU of Mississippi Executive Director Jennifer Riley Collins:

“Most Americans already understand that firing someone because of who they are is against the law. Over half of America’s circuit courts and dozens of state and district courts have recognized that LGBTQ people are protected under existing federal law.

“The determination that employers cannot discriminate based on sex was and is rooted in the fact that a person’s ability to perform a job has nothing to do with anatomy. To advocate that a person who is transitioning or has transitioned does not deserve those same protections is shortsighted and a failure to acknowledge reality.

“More than 15,000 transgender people live in Mississippi, and they should have the same protections in the workplace as anyone else. The people of our state should take this opportunity to let their elected officials know that we don’t want to see discrimination in our state.

“This is not the first time that states, including Mississippi, have used states’ rights as a cover for discrimination. Make no mistake, Mississippi and the states on this amicus brief want to maintain their ability to discriminate against their transgender residents.

“Rather than attacking transgender people, our governor should work with the business, faith and civil rights leaders in our state to pass the Mississippi Civil Rights Act, which would provide state civil rights for everyone, and support local non-discrimination laws.

“If anyone has been discriminated against due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, please contact the ACLU of Mississippi.”