Jacquelyn Agho
Jacquelyn Agho joined the ACLU of Mississippi as a Policy Analyst in October 2020.  She is a native Mississippian.  Prior to joining the ACLU of Mississippi, Jacquelyn served in various settings educating leaders and policymakers on the impact of public policy on marginalized communities.  She has worked with both state agencies (Mississippi Division of Medicaid) and nonprofit organizations (Mississippi Health Advocacy Program) on health care policy development and analysis around public health care programs such as Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  She has secured public and private funding to support consumer health care assistance programs, a statewide Medicaid expansion campaign, and an ACA health care navigator program. 
Jacquelyn received her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Jackson State University and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.