Cathy Johnson Garrett


Board Member

Cathy Johnson Garrett spent the last 16 years caring for her husband Mike, who was a stroke patient living with disabilities. She was born in El Paso, TX on Nov 30, 1946, but grew up in Plantersville, MS. She is the daughter of the Baptist pastor and a school teacher. In 1969, she went to work for South Central Bell, was a member of the CWA union during a 30-year career. She has been a supporter of Equal Rights ever since the law was passed. In 2010, she started a Facebook group, “It’s Not Easy Leaning Left in Mississippi.” The membership is currently at 2700+. Before the pandemic, the group met once monthly for lunch, then a couple of years ago they added a First Monday Happy Hour. Both events were usually well attended by mostly retirees who are very pro-active in supporting Democratic candidates and causes. The group is still quite active online with progressive points of view, trying to pull this backward state into the 21st century. She is ready and willing to do whatever she can do to help the ACLU.