Here are the Educational Equity bills we're tracking this legislative session:


HB 72 - “Mississippi Promise Scholarship Act of 2019”; establish to provide tuition assistance for tuition-free community and junior college attendance. 

No child should lose the opportunity for a college education due to the inability to pay. Mississippi should create avenues to increase educational opportunities for all students, thereby prevent the brain drain and loss of economic growth.

Status: Died in committee.

HB 89 - Mississippi English Language Learners Scholarship Program; create under the Critical Needs Teacher Scholarship Program. 

This bill would have fostered diverse educators in order to meet the needs of English Language Learners throughout the state. Increased diversity in educators creates equitable environments where all students can learn.

Status: Died in committee.

HB 237 - Dating violence, require school districts to adopt policy and educate students on.
This legislation finds and declares that all students have a right to work and study in a safe, supportive environment that is free from harassment, intimidation and violence. However, it must be inclusive of sexual orientation a gender identity. 

Status: Died in committee.

HB 270 - Bullying Deterrent Act; create.

All children deserve to feel safe at schools and be protected. This bill will help to keep students protected in instances of bullying. 

Status: Died in committee.

HB 314 - “Mississippi Universal Prekindergarten Program Act of 2019”; enact. 
This bill would have established a free universal Pre-Kindergarten program for every child in the state of Mississippi. Early childhood education is a key indicator of student success and creates equitable opportunities for Mississippi children.

Status: Died in committee.

HB 342 - Youth and Community Safety Act; create. 
This act would have provided on-staff training to support school districts in creating safe positive learning environments that will improve school safety. 

Status: Died in committee.

HB 422 - Undocumented students; allow to attend college at in-state tuition rates subject to certain conditions. 
This bill would have given undocumented students access to in-state tuition rates at Mississippi colleges and universities, therefore providing equal treatment to those who live in this state and want to pursue higher education. 

Status: Died in committee.

HB 512 - Public school students; authorize use of community service as a disciplinary alternative to suspension or expulsion.
This bill would have given students the opportunity to participate in community service instead of harsh disciplinary actions. We support this action because it exemplifies restorative discipline instead of treating the student as an offender. 
Status: Died in committee.
HB 590 - School superintendents; revise authority to assign certain students who the youth court orders to be enrolled. 
This bill would have alternative route for discipline students and will help reduce the school-to-prison pipeline. 
Status: Died in committee.
HB 654 - County school board trustees; require runoff election if no candidate receives majority of votes cast
Run-off elections provide an opportunity for voters to determine the candidate of their choice following general or special elections. School board elections should have the same process as other elections.
Status: Signed by Governor.
HB 1182 - Corporal punishment; prohibit use of in public schools to discipline a student with a disability. 
Corporal punishment should be prohibited inside the school system. There are positive, non-violent approaches to school discipline that have been proven to lead to safe environments in which children can learn.
Status: Signed by Governor


HB 360 - Student transfer; allow students to attend school in adjacent district under certain circumstances. 

This amendment contains some implications similar to school choice, which is an effort to dismantle the public education system in Mississippi.  

Status: Died in committee.

HB 427 - Public schools; require moment of quiet moment of reflection each day and classroom display and daily recitation of Ten Commandments. 
These bill would have required a period of prayer to begin each school day, requiring school prayer in public schools is a violation of the First Amendment. HB 427 would have also forced classrooms to display and recite the 10 commandments, which is a violation of the Establishment Clause. This bill is in direct opposition to First Amendment rights.

Status: Died in committee.

HB 623 - School districts; exempt those with “A” and “B” accountability ratings from certain duties.

This bill favors wealthy districts over fiscally challenged districts. All school districts should be held to the same accountability standards regardless of district rating. All public school teachers should also adhere to the same rules and regulations to ensure transparency and fairness.
Status: Died in committee.
HB 729 - Postsecondary Education Financial Assistance; prohibit college or universities from awarding to persons unlawfully present in the United States. 
We oppose this bill because everyone should have equal access to education, regardless of immigration status. 
Status: Died in committee.
HB 783 - State Department of Education; transfer administration, operations, powers and duties to the Office of the Governor. 
This bill vests control of public education within the office of the governor, and would thereby deny citizens an opportunity to have administration input and accountability.
Status: Died in committee.


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