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Voting Rights

The Fight for Fair Maps is Not Over

In Mississippi, the fight for fair maps is not over. Despite the adoption of new legislative district boundaries, several civil rights organizations and individual voters have challenged the maps for...

The Fight Ahead: 2024 Legislative Session

Our fight this session is to ensure that all Mississippians, no matter their descriptive factors, are not hindered from accomplishing their best quality of life.
Racial Justice

Showing Up for Racial Justice

We still have work to do to assure Black Mississippians that racial justice is an ACLU priority. The only way to really accomplish that is to do the work and show up.

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January 25, 2024

ACLU of Mississippi Statement on HCR 11

JACKSON, Miss.—Yesterday, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed HCR 11, a resolution that proposes a new ballot initiative process that would greatly limit the scope of initiatives brought by...