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  1. ACLU-MS Responds to Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

    June 26, 2015Press release
  2. ACLU-MS Responds to Action Against Senatobia Family Cheering at Graduation

    June 5, 2015Press release
  3. MS School of the Arts Allows Transgender Student to Wear Dress to Prom after ACLU-MS Action

    April 7, 2015Press release
  4. Faith Leaders across Mississippi Unite for Prison Reform

    March 19, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform
  5. ACLU-MS Comment on Revised JPS Restraint and Seclusion Policy

    March 6, 2015Press releaseEquality & Equity of Access
  6. ACLU-MS Applauds Objections in Same-Sex Divorce Case

    February 26, 2015Press releaseEquality & Equity of Access
  7. ACLU-MS Sends Letter to Rankin County School District About School Club Policy Change

    January 14, 2015Press releaseEquality & Equity of Access
  8. 2015 Mississippi Legislative Session Timetable

    December 30, 2014Press release
  9. FDA Fails to Adequately Address Discriminatory Blood Donation Ban

    December 23, 2014Press releaseEquality & Equity of Access
  10. Advocacy Groups to Address Restraint and Seclusion at JPS Board Meeting

    December 12, 2014Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform