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  1. Expected Civil Asset Forfeiture Task Force Should Make Transparency Top Priority

    May 3, 2016News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  2. Religious accommodation, religious liberty, religious freedom, or just plain discrimination?

    April 25, 2016News updateEquality For All/Equal Access
  3. Time to enact Mississippi Civil Rights Act

    April 21, 2016News updateEquality For All/Equal Access
  4. How a governor’s push for “religious freedom” eclipses education crisis and could bring back ‘dark time’

    April 11, 2016News update
  5. HB1523: Big Backlash

    April 11, 2016News updateEquality For All/Equal Access
  6. Biloxi Town Hall Meeting: Keeping our Children Safe at School

    April 8, 2016News update
  7. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn

    April 6, 2016News updateGovernmental Transparency & Accountability, Equality For All/Equal Access
  8. ACLU of MS Supports Clergy for Prison Reform Policy Platform

    March 17, 2016News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  9. Confederate Emblems Reflect Hate

    March 16, 2016News update
  10. Should Law Enforcement Have A Warrant To Know Where You've Been?

    March 7, 2016News update


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