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  1. Know Your Rights: A Guide for Public School Students in Mississippi

    February 22, 2018PublicationEducational Opportunities, Criminal Justice Reform
  2. Your First Amendment Guide to Student Walkouts

    February 22, 2018PageEducational Opportunities
  3. Guns in schools won’t address real problems students face

    March 19, 2018News updateEducational Opportunities
  4. ACLU of MS Submits Comments to U.S. Dept. of Education on Equity in IDEA

    May 16, 2018News updateEducational Opportunities
  5. COPS AND NO COUNSELORS: How the Lack of School Mental Health Staff is Harming Students

    March 6, 2019PublicationEducational Opportunities, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. REPORT ALERT: Mississippi ranks 20th with highest student arrest in the nation

    June 6, 2019News updateEducational Opportunities