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  1. ACLU of MS Wraps Up 2016 Legislative Summary

    May 4, 2016News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  2. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn

    April 6, 2016News updateEquality & Equity of Access
  3. ACLU Issues Guide for Defense Attorneys on Unconstitutional Government Use of Bulk Hacking

    March 30, 2017News update
  4. On Donald Trump's First Full Day in Office, Millions Showed the President That 'Dissent Is Patriotic'

    January 23, 2017News updateEquality & Equity of Access
  5. ACLU of MS Responds to Governor's State of the State

    January 17, 2017News updateEquality & Equity of Access, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. Trump and Sessions: Great for the Private Prison Industry, Terrible for Civil Rights

    January 9, 2017News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Equality & Equity of Access