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  1. We Can’t End Mass Incarceration Without Ending Money Bail

    January 8, 2019News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  2. Smart Justice: Pretrial Justice Reform

    January 8, 2019PageCriminal Justice Reform
  3. Mississippi Needs Cash Bail Reform

    January 30, 2019CampaignCriminal Justice Reform
  4. Unlocking the Box: How the Prosecutorial Transparency Act Will Empower Communities and Help End Mass Incarceration

    February 13, 2019PublicationCriminal Justice Reform
  5. BLOG: Voters Can’t Elect the Right Prosecutors if These Elected Officials’ Records Aren’t Made Public

    February 14, 2019News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  6. The FBI Won’t Hand Over Its Surveillance Records on ‘Black Identity Extremists,’ so We’re Suing

    April 2, 2019News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  7. COPS AND NO COUNSELORS: How the Lack of School Mental Health Staff is Harming Students

    March 6, 2019PublicationEducational Opportunities, Criminal Justice Reform
  8. Finding Common Ground on Repealing the Death Penalty

    May 1, 2019News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  9. Lifeline of Criminal Justice Reform during the 2019 #msleg

    May 8, 2019News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  10. Civil Rights Organizations Blame Escapes and Violence on Combination of Mass Incarceration and Understaffing

    July 9, 2019Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform