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  1. Mississippi Voters Deserve Transparency

    February 11, 2022News updateVoting Rights
  2. The White House Can Do More to Expand Voting Access

    March 7, 2022News updateVoting Rights
  3. SB 2606: Voter Suppression

    February 22, 2022LegislationVoting Rights
  4. HCR 39: Ballot Initiative Restoration

    February 4, 2022LegislationVoting Rights
  5. HB 1510: Extreme Voter Suppression Bill

    February 4, 2022LegislationVoting Rights
  6. ACLU-MS Statement on Proposed Legislative District Maps

    March 28, 2022Press releaseVoting Rights
  7. ACLU-MS Statement on HB 1510

    February 3, 2022Press releaseVoting Rights
  8. Voting Rights Groups Challenge Mississippi High Court Districts That Dilute Black Vote

    April 25, 2022Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. Mississippi Voters Are Fighting for Fair Representation on the State’s Highest Court

    April 26, 2022News updateVoting Rights
  10. White v. Mississippi Board of Election Commissioners

    May 18, 2022CaseVoting Rights