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  1. Unalienable: Access to Sensitive Locations

    April 1, 2021PageImmigrant Rights'
  2. 2021 Legislative Priorities

    April 6, 2021Page
  3. ICE’s Watchdog Agency Confirms Dangerous Conditions in Arizona Immigration Detention Facility

    April 5, 2021News update
  4. HB 4 and SB 2588: Voter Suppression

    April 6, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  5. HB 586: Voter Suppression

    April 6, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  6. 2021 Legislative Recap: The Good and the Bad

    April 6, 2021News updateVoting Rights, Immigrant Rights', Equality & Equity of Access, Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Mississippi law will ban shackling inmates during childbirth

    April 16, 2021News update
  8. Traffic stops under heightened scrutiny following incidents in other states

    April 12, 2021News update
  9. ACLU of MS reacts to guilty verdict in George Floyd killing

    April 21, 2021News update
  10. ACLU Calls on Biden Administration to Shut Down ICE Detention Facilities

    April 28, 2021Press releaseImmigrant Rights'