SB 2437 creates a work release program for incarcerated persons. The bill provides protections against the practice of convict leasing by requiring that participants open bank accounts with financial institutions and manage their own wages, with a small percentage of their wages going to program administration. In general, work release is good because it reduces recidivism, but programs like these also invite the opportunity for abuse. As such, ACLU of Mississippi will watch this bill closely as it makes its way through the House.

  • Should be a two-year Pilot Program
  • First six-months or less of program should be dedicated to developing program rules and regulations to be published before program implementation
  • Should include that the reporting should be made in writing to the Criminal Justice Oversight Task Force Committee and PEER
  • Should include the following additional reporting requirements:
    • Participating employers and copies of agreements
    • Participating financial institutions
    • How the 10 percent administrative fee is used
    • Overall cost of program operation
    • Number of individuals who retained employment at the end of program participation
  • Section 3 should be repealed – current program that allows up to 80 percent of wages to be taken by MDOC.


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