SB 2275 extends the repealer on Mississippi’s current work release pilot program in Rankin County for two years. The two-year extension would allow more time to determine the success of the program and the feasibility to replicate it throughout the state. A shorter repealer or no repealer at all could result in duplication of a program that causes more harm than good. ACLU of Mississippi will watch this bill closely as it makes its way through the House.

  • Should be amended to require the publication of program rules and regulations no later than April 30, 2022
  • Should include the following additional reporting requirements:
    • Participating employers and copies of agreements
    • Participating financial institutions
    • How the 10 percent administrative fee is used
    • Overall cost of program operation
    • Number of individuals who retained employment at the end of program participation
  • The program should not be extended to any other counties until this program has data to show success and areas that need improvement.


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