The 2020 Legislative Session began on February 4, 2020. As we work to protect, defend, and expand civil rights and civil liberties for all Mississippians in the hallways, meeting rooms, and chambers of the State Capitol, we need you to stand with us to make our voices heard. 

We are working hard to end cash bail, pass a statewide policy for usage of body-worn cameras by law enforcement agencies, expand voter access through no-excuse early voting and online voter registration, and securing state civil rights protections for all.

We have prepared several tools you can use to help us advocate for our progressive agenda.

Read/Download our 2019 Legislative Agenda

Read/Download our Lobbying Guide

The ACLU of Mississippi is your watchdog at the State Capitol, working every day to protect and expand civil rights and civil liberties for all Mississippians. At key moments during the legislative session, we will be calling on you to help us push for and fight back against any attacks that may arise. Keep an eye out for our emails and be prepared to contact your legislators. Follow us on social media for more real time updates about what is going on at the Capitol.