Who We Are and What We Do

The ACLU of Mississippi is a private, non-profit membership organization. Our mission is to preserve and protect the civil liberties and civil rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and Mississippi, especially the principles contained in the Bill of Rights.

The ACLU-MS's Legal Department generally gets involved in cases that affect the civil liberties or civil rights of large numbers of people, rather than those involving an isolated dispute between individual parties or private, non-governmental organizations. Although there are exceptions to this rule, involvement depends on the circumstances of the incident, such as discrimination and harassment of a protected class.

Request Help

The ACLU of Mississippi is unable to accept telephone or walk-in complaints. Please use the online complaint form on this page, or request a paper form by calling 601-355-6464. (Leave your name and address and we will mail you a form.)

Until we receive the intake complaint form, we cannot consider your case, so please fill out the form and submit it promptly. If you have any pending court dates, you should appear in court on those dates so that you do not face any contempt charges.

Be sure to provide all necessary information for contacting you by mail and by telephone. It is also helpful to include your email address if you have one. (If you are jailed or being held in another temporary facility, please include the name and contact information of a close relative or friend who will always know where you are.)

Please describe in detail the incident or the issue that prompts you to request legal assistance:

  • In describing the incident, it may be helpful to answer the five “W” questions: who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Be sure to identify the persons, business, institutions, or government agencies who are responsible for violating your rights.
  • If the offending person or agency provided you with some sort of explanation, please let us know. If possible, please explain why you believe that explanation is not adequate.
  • If the specific incident resulted in newspaper coverage, it may be helpful to include copies of the clippings.
  • If you have documents, please send copies only; we cannot return originals.
  • If your complaint involves mistreatment by police officers, it is especially helpful if you could obtain a copy of whatever report the police wrote.
  • If you have already taken some action, such as filing an appeal or a complaint, please let us know the status of the matter.
  • Please indicate whether the ACLU is authorized to write a letter of inquiry or a letter of protest using your name.
  • Finally, please let us know exactly what you are asking the ACLU to do for you.