The Transgender Education and Advocacy Program of Mississippi (TEAP-MS) focuses on strategies that reduce discrimination faced by trans and gender non-conforming people by collaborating directly with the trans community to educate the public at-large, media, and policymakers.

TEAP-MS is an integral part of the We Are All Mississippi (WAAM) Campaign. The aim of TEAP-MS is to dispel the fear surrounding transgender and gender non-conforming individuals by educating our communities about harmful myths and increasing the visibility of transgender activists. TEAP-MS will also advocate for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people on a state level by advocating for the passage of the Mississippi Civil Rights Act and local non-discrimination ordinances.

Who is transgender?

Transgender is often used to describe people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Being transgender is not dependent upon medical procedures. Trans is shorthand. There are approximately 15,000 Mississippians who identify as transgender.

Who is gender non-conforming?

This term is used to describe people whose gender expression is different from conventional expectations of masculinity and femininity. GNC is shorthand. Not all GNC people identify as transgender nor vice versa.

Click here for a list of more transgender-specific terminology.

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