The ACLU of Mississippi encourages policymakers on the state and local level to push for progress with our annual Equity Agendas. These tools serve those inside and outside our state’s Capitol to ensure we defeat prejudice and support equity and equality. 

2018 Legislative Equity Agenda

As we embark on the 2018 Legislative Session and look forward to the next 200 years, let us work together to make Mississippi a more just and equitable state for all. Our legislators, who we entrust with leadership to speak out for those who have no voice, can take action to ensure that Mississippi is a state that is beneficial to all its residents and visitors. No longer can marginalization and division be a part of our state's history or blueprint. We are stronger together. We hope that the members of the Mississippi Legislature will embrace the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi 2018 Equity Agenda as their own agenda.

This agenda should serve as a tool to help those entrusted with leadership in this great state to speak out for those that have no voice and provide a blueprint for a Mississippi that will be beneficial for the many citizens that inhabit it. It is our desire to see the actions of this legislature reflect a spirit of collaboration by joining with us to see this agenda brought forward.

Municipal Equity Agenda

We are engaging newly elected and returning Mississippi mayors with our Municipal Equity Agenda. Look inside as we encourage municipal leaders to pass and implement equitable policies and ordinances concerning our five Centers of Focus: Criminal Justice Reform, Equality for All MississippiansGovernmental Transparency & Accountability, Educational Opportunities, and Voter Rights.

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