The Problem

Too many hardworking people in Mississippi don’t have access to health insurance through their jobs, and can’t afford it on their own. 

Over 200,000 Mississippians, including rural residents, parents, and small business employees, are falling through the cracks of our state’s healthcare system. It is disproportionately affecting Black Mississipppians, and we need to change that.

The Solution

Expanding Medicaid will bring more than a billion dollars back to Mississippi every year — money that is currently sent to California, New York, and 36 other states to pay for their healthcare instead.

For working families, it means less money spent paying off medical bills. It means access to healthcare for individuals making less than $18,000 a year or a family of four earning less than $37,000.

In rural communities, it means more jobs in healthcare and keeping our rural hospitals open. Medicaid expansion helps ensure that these hospitals remain open for when our families need them most. 

We are proud to be supporting ballot initiative 76 - which will expand Medicaid and create a more equitable Mississippi.

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